Customizer Options

To access the live Customizer, you may select the Customize button in the admin bar dropdown or select Customize from the Dashboard menu. Note that you must be logged in as a site administrator in order to access the controls.



Title and Logo
You can disable the display of the title and subtitle of the site. You can upload your image as logo. For the logo image there is an option round frame which can be turned off.

Color, Header image And Background
You can choose your colors for most of design elements and background. For the background you can also upload your background image. You can upload your background image for the site header.

You can create main menu and icons links to your profiles in social networks. Instead of the horizontal main menu, you can create Off-canvas Menu simply by assigning the location.

Home Hero
Homepage has an hero area. In this area can be front page header, the text wrapped H1 tags or plugin shortcode (gallery, slider, map etc.) or a built-in theme slider sticky posts.

Single Post
Option to disable the meta information (date, author, category, etc.) single post. The option of a handwritten signature to a single post.

General options
Numbered navigation, disable PrettyPhoto lightbox, submenu on the page, and more.